“Do you have the contact of a massage salon?”, I have been asked many times by our clients. I didn’t really have a place, where I can send them and I didn’t know anything about it. That’s, why I decided to find out myself, what these massage parlors offer, what you can expect from them and which ones are the best in Moscow.

Beautiful girls what to expect from a erotic massage parlor in Moscow.

How to choose an erotic massage salon in Moscow and not be disappointed?

Moscow is a big city with a huge number of places for leisure. When I think about where to go today, it’s always hard to decide. Relatively recently, a new area of ​​recreation has appeared – erotic massage.

Which salon in Moscow is the best?

I have visited many establishments, but most of all, several salons have stuck out, since these places conquer at first sight:

• beautiful interior

• pleasant smells

• polite staff

• proximity to the center


The most beautiful girls are in Moscow. It is the capital of beauty. Whatever taste you have, in the Vanilia salon you will definitely find one that will win you over. Blondes and brunettes, slender and with mouth-watering forms – there is one for any taste. The main thing I saw at Vanilia is that the girls are not only beautiful, but also insanely professional. They massage as if you are their favorite guest, you can talk to them, you can just enjoy them.

The venue is located next to the Lubyanka metro station.
Website: https://m.5massage.ru/
Phone number to sign up for a program: +7 (903) 271 00 26


In the Imperium salon, your session depends only on the flight of your imagination. Personally, I was recommended to start with some basic program (a service that combines only classic and erotic massage), but I was no longer a first timer. I decided to choose one of the thematic programs. At the moment, I have tested a good half of what is presented in the salon, and I have not left a negative impression of any of them.

Special love – programs with two masseuses.

It is not so much a physical pleasure as an aesthetic one. They dance, passion flares up between them, and I was the main participant in this show. Don’t miss out on that! Believe me, when two beauties are fighting for your attention, its a very pleasurable feeling. Over all, this wasn’t too expensive! Imperium is located in the center of Moscow – next to the metro station Krasnye Vorota.

Website: https://imperiumspa.ru/
Phone: +7 (926) 998-89-05


PODIUM is probably the most exclusive salon, I visited. It is also located in the city center – next to the Arbat metro station. The cheapest program here costs 5500 rubles. That is just 2000 Rub over a regular 30 min Thai massage and at Podium a “happy ending” is guaranteed!

The price for a program always depends on several components:

• the level of professionalism of the masseuse. Her skills are not so cheap, and for a lesser amount you are unlikely to find a girl who will give you a session with the same quality;

• atmosphere in the venue. Good furniture costs good money, so does functionality. It is much more pleasant when you can comfortably take a shower before and after the program, as well as have a session on a spacious bed;

• the service cannot be cheap. When I come to PODIUM, I am immediately offered drinks, I am in a special waiting area with all the conditions. Administrators are always polite and welcoming, moreover, there is always time for you here. It happened that I called literally 20 minutes before arrival, and they had an open sport for me.

I like to relax both on basic programs, when there is not much time or premium options, which are designed for 2 hours or more.

Website: https://eroticmassaj.ru/
Phone number for appointment: +7 (903) 271-94-55

ul. Bol’shaya Molchanovka 18 (m. Arbatskaya, m. Kievskaya).
Find the entrance at the backside of the house in the yard.


When I first came to Barbie Spa, I took an hour program because I didn’t know if I would like it or not. I ended up spending 3 hours there, because I was testing one service after another. Rest assured, you will not be asked to leave and vacate your room until you enjoy your personal short holiday. To do this, you just need to order the service and the masseuse, since it is difficult for girls to work in a row for so long. But what a variety! The venue is located near the metro station “Prospekt Mira”.

Website: https://barbiespa.ru/
Phone number: +7 (925) 002-18-18


A significant advantage of the Roxy Spa is that you can come with a friend or spouse. What could be more romantic than spending time together on pair programs. As far as I know, they are designed for 2 hours, they include an hour of massage – you can choose whether they will do it to both of you or only one, then you are left alone for another hour. An interesting idea for an unusual date or for a gift to a loved one, which will definitely diversify your life. Getting there is quite simple, the venue is located next to the Kuznetsky Most metro station.

Website: https://roxy-spa.ru/

Phone: +7 (925) 519-88-36

You can come here in the company These are the best places to relax with friends. You can order drinks, meals


You are not allowed to touch the girl within all of the offered programs. Some include this “feature” and some not. If you touch her, you are not allowed to penetrate her or touch her at the intimate area downstairs. Body kisses and touching were allowed, within our 8000 Rub program. Sex is not allowed (of course). It is also not offered as a paid option.


Its probably best you lay back and relax. Let the girl do her magic and just enjoy it. You don’t have to do anything and that is, what I really liked about my first visit in the massage parlor. I didn’t do anything and just enjoyed her attention and touch.

What to expect from an erotic massage parlor in Moscow?

After all, this was a pleasant experience, even though, I have been quite nervous in the beginning, being there for the first time. All of the staff took the pressure off me and made me feel comfortable. The massage salon is a nice and cost-effective alternative to gentlemen clubs. I can just recommend a visit. My German friend enjoyed his visit as well and was surprised about the quality of the service and the massage itself. He was especially surprised by the moderate drink prices and that there was no aggressive upsell, as he is used to it from German and European venues.

Needless to say, that this is perfect for your bachelor party program, especially during a hangover afternoon, after last nights wild party in one of Moscows best clubs.

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