Many of our clients want to visit gentlemen clubs. Most of the Moscow venues are much different from what you may have seen in Europe or the US. Moscows clubs are more service oriented and not out for a single rip off with a 50 EUR piccolo sparkling wine. Among many strip clubs, Moscows premium Gentlemen Club is NUAR. It differs from the others, because of its concept, which is a mix of restaurant, bar, gentlemen club and theatre with latex and leather performances. Nuar isn’t cheap, but if you want to experience a premium treatment, it is your gentlemen club in Moscow.

Interior of Nuar – Moscows premium Gentlemen Club

Even the clubs interior is special. It features a modern design with some classic elements. There are tables inside the main room, which is flanked by luxury lounges, which can be closed off for the privacy of the guest. The guest chooses, how much of the doors and curtains are closed and how much he can see or can be seen of him. Besides, there are beds, jacuzzies and a shower in the separate lounges. So everything is ready for a playful night with one or many of the 30 dancers working at Nuar every night.

Once you arrive, all girls will come out to show themselves. At all times there is a show and you can find the prominent X, which usually is used to tie up the submissive. May it be a dancer or you, the guest. The X is a reference to the kinkiness and S&M shows of Nuar Club.

Inside at the entrance you can find an ATM, but also the waiters will change your large bills to smaller bills, which you can use to pay the dancers for lap dances. A lap dance usually lasts for about 3 min and should be paid with 500 Rub, which you can put into the girls gather belt. If you wish a private dance, you can tell the performer and she will take you to a separate room and perform a naked 3 min dance, only for you, for 3000 Rub. A private show in one of these rooms or a lounge will be 10 000 Rub and lasts for 10 min. If you want to sit at a table or rent a lounge / room, the hostess will organize it for you on arrival, or better call upfront to reserve your space. The price starts at 5000 Rub per person and that is a minimum spend / deposit, meaning you will get drinks and food for this amount of food. Note, that the club charges a 10% mandatory service fee at the end on the final bill. If you like a dancer and you want to invite her to spend the rest of the evening with you, you have to pay a 40 000 Rub fee to release her from work.

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Nuar clubs kitchen menu was created by one of the best restaurant chefs in town. Try the food, its excellent and the prices are reasonable, like in any other good restaurant. It is the same for the bar menu. Unlike in European strip clubs, no one will ask you to buy them expensive champagne drinks or such. The girls are taken care of, by the club. For your pleasure there is a wide bar menu with cocktails, beer, spirits and selected good wines and champagne. And again, the prices are like in any other good Moscow bar or club. Check the menu yourself! A beer costs 550 Rub, cocktails start at 600 Rub and a whiskey is 500 Rub.

Of course, a Moscow premium venue has “face-control”, the doormen checking, who gets in or not. In general, the makers of Nuar expect you to be real gentlemen and come in the appropriate outfits. They will definitely refuse entry, if you show up in too casual clothes, sports outfits, dirty clothes or you are drunk or drugged up. Nuar’s staff wants to make you feel comfortable and they speak English. The club is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 21:00 until 06:00 in the morning. On Sunday and Monday Nuar Club is closed! The club is located on Krasnaya Presnya Street, not far from the Zoo, in between the Barrikadnaya and 1905 Goda metro stations.


Nuar Gentlemens Club
Krasnaya Presnya St, 23кБс1
Metro: between Barrikadnaya / Krasnaya Presnya and Ulitsa 1905 Goda

Tel: +7 (499) 370-39-44



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