What to expect from an erotic massage parlor in Moscow?
“Do you have the contact of a massage salon?”, I have been asked many times by our clients. I didn’t really have a place, where I can send them and I didn’t know anything about it. That’s, why I decided to find out myself, what these massage parlors offer, what you can expect from them and which ones are the best in Moscow.

Beautiful girls what to expect from a erotic massage parlor in Moscow.

Podium Massage Salon

My first visit brings me to PODIUM, an erotic massage parlor in Moscow, next to the colorful Novi Arbat street. It is a very central location and easy to reach. The entrance is in the back of the house and you will head down into a basement full of different cozy rooms and nice smells.

The receptionist will greet you and bring you to a waiting room. Shortly after we get some tea served. After a few minutes a female manager comes and explains in good English what packages are available, for which price and what services will be performed. She finishes with what is allowed and what is not allowed. More about the etiquette at the bottom of this article.


Packages range from 3 500 to 25 000 Rubels. There are all kinds of massages and treatments you can book. From a simple massage to a 4 hands massage. There are even fetish treatments and a prostate massage option. Basically, there is something for everyone. NO SEX, but a happy ending! The programs last between an hour and 2 hours.

You can also have 2 girls massaging you

I went with my friend and we took a VIP treatment for 8000 Rub, which lasts for an hour. After we chose our program, we are introduced to the girls. Ten beautiful girls in light underwear and high heels are lined up and smiling at us. There is a diferent type of woman for every taste. The little petite to the tall one with large breasts. The blond and the black haired.

My masseuse is called Monica and she is very skinny and has long black hair. She smells deliciously and smiles at me, when she takes me by the hand to our room. In the room she asks me, if I want to order something to drink and I am getting a beer, which is reasonably priced at 500 Rub. I can pay by credit card with Apple Pay right in the room. Soon after I am invited to take a shower and she washes me.

Rooms & my Massage

The room is clean and comfy with dimmed light. There is some music playing. Monica prepares the massage with hot stones and oil. She asks me to lay down on my belly and starts the procedure. I don’t have to talk, I don’t have to move. I can just relax and I catch myself drifting away, while I enjoy her touch. There are some erotic aspects to the massage, but at first it is really a massage, which makes you relax. Only in the last 20 minutes it is becoming more erotic and it accelerates. I spare you the details, so you have some excitement and exploration left for yourself. After all, it ends as it is supposed to end 😉

What follows is a shower and we are invited to continue with a sauna session or a jacuzzi, which needs to be extra paid. I can’t blame them for the upsell and I would like to stay, but I need to go back to work, since it is only late afternoon. While many strip clubs open at 21:00, Podium opens from 13:00 until 7:00. Some other massage salons are even open for 24h.


You are not allowed to touch the girl within all of the offered programs. Some include this “feature” and some not. If you touch her, you are not allowed to penetrate her or touch her at the intimate area downstairs. Body kisses and touching were allowed, within our 8000 Rub program. Sex is not allowed (of course). It is also not offered as a paid option.


Its probably best you lay back and relax. Let the girl do her magic and just enjoy it. You don’t have to do anything and that is, what I really liked about my first visit in the massage parlor. I didn’t do anything and just enjoyed her attention and touch.

What to expect from an erotic massage parlor in Moscow?

After all, this was a pleasant experience, even though, I have been quite nervous in the beginning, being there for the first time. All of the staff took the pressure off me and made me feel comfortable. The massage salon is a nice and cost-effective alternative to gentlemen clubs. I can just recommend a visit. My German friend enjoyed his visit as well and was surprised about the quality of the service and the massage itself. He was especially surprised by the moderate drink prices and that there was no aggressive upsell, as he is used to it from German and European venues.

Needless to say, that this is perfect for your bachelor party program, escpecially during a hangover afternoon, after last nights wild party in one of Moscows best clubs.


Massage Salon / Massage Parlor
(erotic massage)
Various Programs starting from 3500 Rub – 25 000 Rub
Tested: ***** (Five Stars). No complaints.
Drink prices: moderate / reasonable (500 Rub)
Opening Hours: 13:00 to 07:00

Call to reserve: +7 965 105-83-44 (also on WhatsApp)

ul. Bol’shaya Molchanovka 18 (m. Arbatskaya, m. Kiyevskaya).
Find the entrance at the backside of the house in the yard.

Website: https://eroticmassaj.ru/en/

You can always ask us to schedule a visit for you and we can also help you with other bookings. Write us!

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