You are coming to Moscow with friends to party or for a bachelor party weekend. A regular airport transfer will not do it for you? You need something special? Do you want an airport pickup with a stripper by stretch limo?

Here is what you should keep in mind and what you can expect.


A regular stripper costs around 7 500 to 10 000 Rub in Moscow. That gets you a 15 min strip performance, usually not including a lap dance. You should be careful, though. Some strippers, especially the cheap ones, cut the performance time to much less and will ask for more money to continue. These prices are the lowest to be found and only for a dance in a hotel room or an apartment in the city center.

airport pickup limo stripper

All of the 4 international airports in Moscow are a 45-75 min drive away from the city center. A taxi to get there will cost around 1 000 – 1 500 Rub. A train ride is around 550 Rubels. Parking costs 1 000 Rub per hour with another hour starting at 61 min.

That is, why good and reliable strippers will never go to the airport for less than a 15 000 Rub fee. They will basically loose 2-3 hours or their day and have extra costs for the outbound transfer.

airport pickup limo stripper

A normal ride from any of the airports back into the city takes up to 60 min.

Cheap strippers will argue that the law doesn’t allow them to work, while the car is driving and ask for a stop on a parking lot outside of the airport. Their agent or friend will wait there and once they are done, they’ll leave you.

More expensive strippers perform a 15 min dance within the 60 min drive, even while the limo is moving in traffic and they will stay on the limo and have a drink with you for the entire drive (an hour). Some may do an extra dance or a lapdance, if you give them some more money during the ride.

One word of advise. If the agent sends you photos of the strippers, be sure that they look different in real life. Don’t get your expectations up too high. The more beautiful the stripper. The more expensive she will be, of course.

Stretch Limo

If you book a stretch limousine in the city center, you can find prices from 6 000 Rubels for an hour, but usually they have a minimum booking period of 2-3 hours + 1h extra for the transfer to and from the garage. We don’t know of any limousine company that offers a min 1h booking. Expect cheap limousines to be old and dirty. You get, what you pay for.

An airport transfer by limousine starts at around 12 000 Rub, including up to 1 hour of parking. But there the problems start already. With most companies, this doesn’t include that the driver comes to the terminal to pick you up with a sign. Usually they give you a phone number and you have to call him, once you are out. The limo then comes to pick you up outside of the arrival, at some defined meeting point. At Sheremetyevo Terminal D it is usually under the big video screen. Most drivers don’t speak English and you will have no way to communicate with him. Google Translate may do, if the driver uses WhatsApp.

airport pickup limo stripper
An actual photo from last weekend.

Luggage. Stretch limousines usually have no or small trunks for luggage. Very often these are even full with materials they use for wedding runs. So you have to put your luggage inside the limo. The average limousine is made for 15 people and that space goes away quickly, if you are 6 – 8 people with luggage and there is a stripper with you.

Larger limousines start at around 15 000 Rubels and the prices go up to 20 000 Rubels for an aiport transfer. These better ones are usually also clean and you can expect glasses for your drinks, but almost never ice. You will have to bring your own alcohol and organize some ice from one of the restaurants at the arrival area.

Keep in mind that the stripper can usually not stand inside the limousine and with limited space, she won’t be able to do a full performance, as in a hotel room. She will give her best to make it work and look good.

An alternative with lots of space and where the stripper can stand, often even with a strip pole installed, are large Hummer H2 Limousines or Party Busses. The prices for these start at 20 000 Rub per transfer. Unfortunately, there are not too many in Moscow and they are usually booked for weddings from Thursday to Sunday. So better reserve yours quickly and well in advance.

Limos are long. Because of that, they cannot park everywhere or go into small streets. For example. The stretch limousine can’t drop you right infront of the St.Regis Moscow Hotel, because the street is simply not wide enough for the limo to turn. Also parking infront of the Ritz Carlton is restricted and the limo can’t make it inside the hotels driveway, so they have to drop you a 3 min walk away on a side street.

Last, all limo companies will expect a cash (or money transfer) pre-payment on booking. No limousine company will take the risk and drive out to the airport without a pre-payment. That can proof difficult, if you are not in Moscow and just arriving. Most limo companies in Moscow don’t accept credit cards for pre-payments.

Airport Pickup by Limo with a Stripper by

Safe yourself some time and a headache. has everything you’ll need for a Airport Pickup by Limo with a Stripper. They can send you profiles of profen strippers, they work with since years. They also work with good limo companies and can send you the best cars. From Escalate to Porsche Cayenne to H2 Hummer and Party Busses. They can also help with the coordination at the airport in ENG or German language and help with the pre-payment for the limo order.


Of course this will not be the cheapest offer on the Internet, but you’ll have a headache free arrival, so you can let the fun start.

Book your stretch limo with a stripper at or directly via WhatsApp +7 985 114 9695

H2 Limo inside

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