I order to book a table you will have to pay an upfront deposit. Here we explain all about table deposits in Moscow. The usual conditions and how much you can expect to pay.

In New York, we had to buy a bottle of Vodka for 300 USD in order to get a table in a good club. We could sit on the table, until the bottle was finished. If we would have ordered another one, we could have stayed, but my smart ass friends filled the bottle with water and of course the waiters had an eye on that and asked us to leave the table or order another bottle.

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The Moscow system is a bit different. In order to book a table and sit in a famous restaurant, bar or club, you will have to make a “deposit” when you reserve the table. That is a pre-payment for drinks and food, which you can order in the club or pre-order through us. Once you paid the deposit, you can then enter the club with ease, sit at a table and enjoy your VIP treatment. And of course (usually) you can stay all night on your table, even if you don’t do any more orders, after the deposit is used up.

Table Deposit Prices in Moscow


Most good restaurants ask for a 5000 – 7000 Rub deposit per person, in order to reserve a table.


Some bars even offer free tables. Others, like Mendeleev Bar, want a 5000 Rub per person deposit, in order to reserve a table for you.


The table prices depend on the club, the size of the table and the area, where the table is located. It also depends on the kind of party and entertainment they have that night. Prices can change and we always need to check any updates with the venues, before we book.

Typically tables start at around 40 000 Rub (635 USD), a “normal” good table is around 70 000 Rub (1010 USD) and a 6-8 people table in the best location will start at 100 000 Rub (1585 USD) and more.

Conditions of table deposits in Moscow

Most venues want 100% pre-payment IN CASH on booking. I know, its bad, but it is the Moscow system. Some restaurants will accept a Russian credit card to make the deposit via a website.

The deposit has to be paid when we reserve the table. Some venues, like Magadan or White Rabbit, are booked out weeks ahead. In most clubs we suggest to book a table until 5 days before. The later we book, the harder it will be to get a good table for you.

Once the deposit is used up, the waiter will inform you. Again, you can stay at the table, even if you don’t make any more orders.

Orders exceeding the deposit have to be paid extra at the end. They usually can be paid by credit card. Some venues won’t accept credit cards at all. We can tell you upfront, which venue doesn’t.

All Moscow clubs (and restaurants) charge a mandatory 10% (of all bill, deposit and exceeding orders) service fee at the end. This can usually also be paid by credit card.

And if we don’t spend all the deposit?

If you don’t spend the full deposit amount you will NOT get any of the money in return. The only thing you can ask for is a bottle (for the not spend amount of money) to take home to your hotel or apartment.

These are actually 2 bottles our guests took home for the afterparty in their hotel.

No Refunds

Your deposit is none-refundable, no matter if you change your mind, you are tired from last night or you got sick. No show, means no money back. Also cancellations are not accepted, once the deposit is made. The clubs are tough with that. Once we receive the money from you, we give it to the clubs right away to secure a good table for you and unfortunately they won’t do any refunds, even to us.

Now you know all about Table deposits in Moscow. Write us if you have questions or BOOK YOUR TABLE with us now.

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