Moscow is known for its legendary nightlife, even though the wild 90s and 2000s are gone and everything cooled down a little. Moscow can still compete with New York or any other party city. Of course Berlin is more busy and you can find a party 24/7, at any time or day of the week. Here we tell you about the Moscow party night timing.

Moscow isn’t like this anymore. Mondays and Tuesdays are typically quiet. If you are in town during these days, I’d suggest to visit a lounge, rooftop or a gentlemen’s club. Phil Sharets “Propaganda Got Soul” parties on Tuesday @ Propaganda are also always worth a visit.

But, how do Russians and Muscovites party? What is the heartbeat of this city?

Timing of a Moscow party night

20:00 Pre-Party

During weekends Russians usually head out for dinner after 20:00. Preferably they stay in a restaurant, which turns into a pre-party place later on. Popular pre-party places these days are The Toy, Lesnoy, Rose Bar and Magadan. Known and good restaurants like White Rabbit, Ruski or Sixty are more for eating, lounging and there will not be any dancing, like in the pre-party places from above. Typically you’d stay there until past midnight and then moving to a nightclub.

Lesnoy Restaurant. Here we show you the timing of a Moscow party night.
Lesnoy Restaurant

22:00 Bars

Some people have dinner and move to a bar afterwards. Others skip dinner and head to the bar for the nights warm-up right away. There are famous bars, which also feature a dj and party. Some, like Mendeleev or Noor Bar, work all night and you don’t have to move anywhere, if you like it. The most popular bars these days are: Mendeleev Bar, Noor Bar, Veranda 30.05, Schweppes Bar.

Mendeleev Bar
Mendeleev Bar

01:00 Clubs

Clubs are usually getting busy from 01:00 and after. The prime time there is around 2:30/03:00 and from there on it will slowly go downhill, until they close anywhere from 06:00 / 07:00. Usually it starts to get quiet at 04:40 and it would be time to move on or go home. Read my article about Moscows most busy clubs in 2019 for more info.

Icon Club

03:00 Gentlemen’s Club

This may not be your thing, but some of you, especially bachelor groups, want to head to a strip club at some point and it can either for the warm-up, before the club, or as the after-party. Read more about Strip clubs here on our Guide.

Angels Club. Here we show you the timing of a Moscow party night.
Angels Club

04:00 After hour Club (until 12:00 / 18:00)

Moscow is best known for its legendary afterhour sessions. The most real party people only start to get warmed-up and hot after 04:00 and that is, when the real party begins. There are various after hour places and styles available. You can head to the small Garage Club for some commercial house / or RnB. Or check Mix Club for some (commercial) deephouse. Gazgolder club is by far the best after hour venue in Moscow. Gaz, as the Muscovites call it, features deep and tech house on 3 different dance floors. They are only open now and then and you better check their facebook page.
Another good venue for Techno and Deephouse is Fantomas. It is only open during the summer and they usually go up until 18:00 next day. Dissident is a dark hole, featuring Rumanian tech and other techno sounds, with 2 dancefloor. Sometimes they only start at 12:00 (noon), that is, when Gazgolder and others are closing.

The author in Gazgolder. The guy with the Berlin Cap.
Gazgolder Club

A piece of advice. The after hour naturally comes with drugs. Be careful, if you carry some narcotics yourself. The police frequently check visitors on the streets leading to and from the clubs. They also do frequent raids of these venues. Inside you can also expect some under-cover cops, which are mainly searching for dealers, but also for you, the foreigner, who can be taken into custody and asked for a biiiiiig bribe to let him / her go.

Besides, some people will put drugs in your drinks. Sometimes to make you feel better and help you. Sometimes to be able to rob you after. Keep an eye on your drink and hold it in your hands at all times!

Now you know, what to expect and you know the timing of a typical Moscow party night. Hopefully this prepared you the right way.

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