Strip Clubs & Gentlemen’s Club’s in Moscow are much different from what you may know from home. We will explain to you, how it works in Moscow and how to get the most out of a Gentlemen Club visit in Moscow.

In the rest of Europe, the girls in strip clubs usually try to push you to buy them an overpriced drink, like a small piccolo prosecco, which will cost you 50 EUR and more. In the US, the girls do lap dances, but you are not allowed to touch them. It is all different in Moscow.

So what to expect from Strip Clubs & Gentleman’s Club’s in Moscow?

Moscow Strip Clubs have their own rules and here is some information on what to expect and how to get the most out of it.

Loft Club

The Cover Fee

Usually you have to pay an entry cover fee, if you want to enter a strip club. That fee ranges between 2500 rub (29 EUR) and 5000 rubels (58 EUR), depending on the gentleman club of your choice. Women, if allowed in at all, will pay double. Some clubs offer specials or free entry cards, which you can get from your Hotel concierge. Many gentleman clubs belong to a chain of venues and will provide free transport from one to another and you only pay once to enter the strip club. You can ask the hostess at one of the following clubs to get you the free VIP ride to one of their other clubs and a bracelet, which gets you free entry:

Angels Club, Aurora, Hunters, Loft, Penthouse Club (these all belong to the same group).

Bar Prices

In most Moscow strip club’s the drink and food prices will not be much different from any other high class bar or club in Moscow. A beer currently costs around 400-500 Rub (7 EUR). A cocktail is around 600-1000 rubels (8-15 EUR). And yes, you read correctly. You can actually eat in many of the clubs. The food is high class and tasty. In Russia drinking doesn’t go without food.

Couches, Lounges, Separates

If you want to sit, you will have to pay for your seating place in most venues. To stand or sit at the bar is free. A couch with a table costs around 5000 Rub (this is not a deposit!), a lounge or separate starts at 5000 Rub – one time fee (74 Euro) and can go up to 15 000 Rub (220 EUR) per hour, depending on the venue, the size and luxury of the lounge. You can ask the hostess for details on arrival or we can book this for you and get all prices and reserve a good table in advance.

Loft Club

Lap Dances

Each club features between 50-75 dancers per night and they will walk around the club and offer lap and private dances. A lapdance last for the time of the playing music track and at the end the dancer expects to get paid. You should put 500 Rub in her stocking after the dance.

Note: If you put the money before, the girls think, you are not happy with her performance and you want her to leave.  Always only pay when the song is finished.  Of course you can refuse a dance and take a break at any time.

In a good club, you will constantly be asked, if you want a lap dance.  Again, it’s no problem to refuse and enjoy a drink in peace. The bar can change your large bills into 100’s or 500’s. All clubs have an ATM, where you can get more cash. The clubs we have seen, had no elevated fees for fetching money at their “bankomat” (ATM).

Etiquette: The dancers can be touched (nice and gentle) anywhere, but the intimate area (between the legs!).

Private Dance

Private Dance

You can book the dancers for a private show in a closed room. This show usually costs between 1500 and 3000 Rub and lasts 1-3 songs. The dancer doesn’t really perform anything different than outside on the couch, during this private show. In some clubs the girls are dressed, when they dance and they will only perform naked during a private dance. In others clubs, its usual that the dancers some or all dancers are naked at all times. If you are interested in Sex, the private dance gets you a perfect opportunity to get to know the girl better and to negotiate the deal (if it is negotiable. Most Strip Clubs & Gentlemen’s Club’s have fixed prices).

Etiquette: The dancers can be touched (nice and gentle) anywhere, but the intimate area (between the legs!).

Loft Club - Strip Clubs & Gentlemen's Club's


Prostitution is illegal in Russia! Period.
That being said, most venues offer a room in an attached hotel. What the girls will do there with you and how you compensate them, is nobody’s business. Not all dancers or bar keepers are “working girls”. Bar keepers are rarely available. Usually the working girls will offer their services to you during or after a lap dance and explain, how things work.

Usually you pay about 5000 – 7000 Rub per hour for the room and another 10 000 – 15 000 Rubles per hour for the company of the girl. In most cases these rooms are very modern and clean. They also offer room service and condiments (shower gel, condoms etc.). After the hour is finished the reception will call and ask you, if you want to stay longer, in which case you will have to go any pay again. The room can be paid with a credit card, while (naturally) the girl must be paid in cash.

From all options of finding paid sex in Moscow, this is probably the most secure, clean and comfortable. Besides, some of the girls in these clubs, look like models and still charge the standard rate (the clubs don’t allow more).

Parade & Shows

Some Strip & Gentlemen’s Club’s offer special shows, besides of the regular pole dancing. Hunters and Angels even have a circus like trapeze show, where the girls fly naked over your head.

Every full hour, all dancing girls will come outside and perform together for 1-2 songs, so the guests can see, who is available. After the show, you can wave the girl, you like to you and get a dance or just have a talk.

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Strip Clubs & Gentlemen's Club's = Penthouse Club


You won’t believe it, but these Strip Clubs & Gentleman’s Club’s have an art director for choosing the right girls. There is one for everybody, whether you like the blond long legged, a red hairs, tattoos, big tits, a milf or petite. I had a few TV shoots at Penthouse Club and we did some interviews there. For the women rights activists among you, there is no pimp and no pressure. Most of the girls come from the Russian regions, but also Ukraine and Moldavia. They came to Moscow to have a better life and make some money for themselves. Girls can choose, if they want to work as a hostess, a barkeeper, a dancer or offer more. The ones I talked to in person, said that all of the dance money and their income from the hotel stays with them. Some of them make up to 60 000 Rub a day, which is more, than what some people make in a month with a regular job in Moscow.

Strip Clubs & Gentlemen's Club's - Penthouse Club

Opening Times & Dress Code, Peak Times, Rules

Most Strip Clubs & Gentlemen’s Club’s are open from 21:00 until 06:00 in the morning.

They are pretty easy with the dress-code, but expect you to come clean and not drugged up or super drunk. Sandals, Flip-flops and shorts are not accepted!

Peak times are Thursday nights from 21:00 until 00:00 and weekend nights (Fri – Sat) before 3:00. Expect a full house, limited seating and longer waiting times for girls, during these times.

As written above, some clubs (our favorites as well) will offer a free taxi service to one of their other clubs, as well as free entry there. So you can always move to another club, if the one you are at, is not satisfying your needs.

No photos or filming is allowed anywhere inside the clubs!

Etiquette: The dancers can be touched (nice and gentle) anywhere, but the intim area (between the legs!).

It’s needless to say, that all of the strip clubs expect their guests to treat the dancers and other working personal with respect.

Some venues, like Penthouse Club, offer extra services, like you or your wife performing your own strip for the clubs guests. This menu is funny and you should check it anyway, even if you don’t want to do any of that.

What happens when you break one of these rules or follow the dresscode?
They will not let you inside the club or more or less (depending on your wrong doing and reaction) kindly ask you to leave the venue.

Strip Clubs & Gentlemen's Club's = Penthouse Club

Tip: “The Cake”

Party like a Russian! To get the attention of the best dancers and a constant flow of girls to your place, we suggest you to build a “cake”. Exchange a larger sum of money (e.g. 5000 Rub – 74 EUR) into small bills and pile them up on your table or at the bar, next to you. We call it “to make a cake” and it will definately work and get the best girls to dance for you. No worries. No one is allowed to touch your “cake” and barkeepers as well as security will have an eye on it. You (and your friends) are the only one(s), who takes money from it and gives it the dancers.


Not all venues have good security. Our favorites and approved list below does! They have highly trained and polite guards, which will make sure you have a safe and good time inside and outside the club. At the same time, they expect you to be polite and behave somewhat normal, even if you are drunk and excited.

911 Club - Strip Clubs & Gentlemen's Club's

Our favorite gentlemen clubs

Here are our favorite Strip Clubs & Gentlemen’s Club’s in Moscow. We frequently send our guests and friends there and have good relations with the management. So far, we haven’t heard of any problems from any of these clubs and can only recommend them to you. In our opinion, these clubs are the best in Moscow:

Now you know all about the Strip- & Gentlemen’s Clubs in Moscow. Write us, if you have questions or BOOK YOUR TABLE with us now.

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