Moscow Guide (aka is a part of This is our company, offering day & night-programs for exapts, tourists and business travelers, visiting Moscow.

Chris Helmbrecht – The founder of

This is a project of Chris Helmbrecht, who is probably one of the most known foreigners in Moscow’s nightlife scene. Chris is originally from Munich / Germany, a DJ and promoter, since more than 30 years. He used to live in New York and Spain, before he came to Moscow 16 years ago. Chris and his team, also organized events for some of Moscows billionairs in the past. You can find more information about Chris on Facebook or his website:

We have agreements with the best clubs in town. You can book tables WITHOUT a booking fee in English, Russian or German language. We can also provide discounted access to the cities best Gentleman Clubs.

Day activity bookings as well as restaurant reservations start at 9 EUR per booking and there are also package prices for full weekends and groups. The company offers nightlife guides, which take you for a ride, through Moscows coolest and best clubs and bars.

Just write us here or on WhatsApp +7 985 114 9695 to get more information and to request a proposal for your next Moscow trip.

Or visit one of our websites: – Information about our services – News and Updates about the Nightlife – a Moscow Guide for visitors and Expats – The one stop for Bachelor Parties in Moscow

Questions? Shoot us a message via WhatsApp +7 985 114 9695

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