Some love this train, others hate it. I usually use the Aeroexpress, if I am flying with light or only hand luggage. It’s also a reliable (but maybe exhausting) alternative, if you have to travel to or from the airport during rush hour times.

All Aeroexpress trains currently cost 420 Rub, one way. There is no discount on a return ticket, so you can leave that open and book it, when you need it. The business class ticket gets you free Wi-Fi, a bit more legroom and a fee water and costs 1000 Rub.

Aeroexpress at Vnukovo Airport
Aeroexpress at Vnukovo Airport

There are 3 different Aeroexpress trains between the center and Moscow’s airports:

1. Domodedovo Airport to Paveletskaya Train Station
The travel time is about 45 min and the trains go every 30 min. From Paveletskaya Station you can change to the green metro line, which goes directly to the center (e.g. Teatralnaya, where the Bolshoi Theatre is). Or you can change to the brown ring metro line, which circles the Moscow center.

2. Vnukovo Airport to Kievskaya Train Station
The train takes about 35 min. Strangely enough there is no train at noon (12:00) from Kievskaya!!!! From the Kievskaya Train Station you can get on the blue line, which brings you to your business meeting at one of the Moscow City skyscrapers or into the center (Smolenskaya or even close to red Square). There is also a connection to the brown metro ring line, which circles the Moscow center.

3. Sheremetyevo Airport to Belaruskaya Train Station
This is probably the most valuable connection. Despite the new toll highway, passing the airport, which they just opened, there is usually heavy traffic and during weekdays endless traffic jams can be expected. It can take up to 2 hours to get from the city center (the Ritz Carlton) to the airport on peak times. The train leaves every 30 min at the Belaruskaya Train station and it takes around 45 min. Most Aeroflot flights are leaving from Terminal D now and its a 10 min, roofed / indoor, walk from the tainstation at the airport to the Terminal. It should be about the same to the other terminal, but I never did that.

Tickets can be bought online or via an mobile APP. You can also pay at one of many vending machines before the entrance. They accept cash and credit cards (no Amex!).
Keep your ticket until the end of the journey. You’ll need it (there is a scanner) when exiting the platform.

NOTE: Be careful and have a look at the online schedule, BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Trains may not go frequently through daytimes (e.g. lunch break at around 12:00!). Also the last train goes at 00:00 and there is no service until 06:00 in the morning!

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