Barrikadnaya Skyscraper at night

Moscow is in a construction boom. Whereever you look, you see workers rising one skyscraper after another. But you’ll also find old buildings within the city. Stalin had some ambitious plan to build the highest buildings of the world. He never managed to break the record, but he built some very beautiful ones, like the Moscow University or The Ukraine Hotel.

When I came to Moscow my friend Vadim let me crash on his couch for a while until I settle and find a place for myself. He is living in one of the “Seven Sisters”, which are skyscrapers built by Stalin in the 1950’s. Only 7 from originally planned 8 were built at the end and one is as beautiful as the other. Only 2 of them are apartment buildings and renovated apartments inside are among the most wanted and expensive in Moscow. Thanks for letting me stay there Vadim 😉

This one is a Kudrinskaya Square, just near Barrikadnaya Metro. You’ll find the Real Mc Coy Bar/Club in the bottom of it.

Here are some links with more info:

And here is a list of Russia’s tallest skyscrapers:

Brazillian Embassy & Vysotki Kudrinskaya

View from Vysotki – The White House

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