Here is my rundown of Moscows top restaurants. I run a concierge service and send our guests there every week. I received no complains and only good feedback about these so far, so I can send you there with confidence!

“Ruski” (at around 360m)
This is one of the highest restaurants in the world and one of Moscows top restaurants. Make sure, you’ll get a table with a good view. Sunset? Also visit the ice room and try some vodka. They even have a vodka somelier. The food is modern Russian and the price level OK, not too expensive (for the location and quality).

Moscows top restaurants: The sunset view from our table at Ruski.
The sunset view from our table at Ruski






“Sixty” (also in one of the skyscrapers)
The restaurant looks nicer and the food is better, than at Ruski, but more expensive. Ruski has the better view, though. Very stylish. Nice people watch. Especially during the week. Sixty is one of Moscows top restaurants. Food: Eclectic.

Moscows top restaurants: The view from Sixty
The view from Sixty

“Cafe Pushkin”
Its a must for every Moscow visitor. Although, this is a fairly modern building, they made it look historical. The food is good, not to highly priced, but be careful with the wine menu, if you are on a budget. Good for people watch, since the “Who is Who” of Moscow regularly goes there. Also good for breakfast and “business” lunch.

Cafe Pushkin
Cafe Pushkin

“La Mare”
The best seafood place in Moscow. Not cheap, but in general, its hard to find good quality sea food in Moscow. Also good for people watch. Expensive, though!

There are two Nobu restraurants in Moscow. One in the very center. The kitchen is frequently visited and checked by the grandmaster Nobu himself. The chefs have worked in other Nobu restaurants abroad and are all part of the group. How do I know that? I met their executive chef. Very delicious Sushi and Japanese kitchen. Nobu style. Moscow loves sushi!

Care more about the hip & cool venues?

“Антикварный / Antikvarniy Boutique & Bar”
This hidden romantic place, just across the main entrance of the Sanduny Sauna, is a antique / 2nd hand furniture shop as well as a restaurant / bar. Its quiet and if you are lucky, you can sit at the bar in the middle of the kitchen itself (there are only 3–4 places.). Watch the chef prepare some delicious dishes just next to you. Also, check their selection of good wines. They even have their own somelier on site. Not expensive. Certainly one of Moscows Top Restaurants! Must see!

Its a closed member place, but knock the door and tell them “Chris” sent you 🙂

Better call and reserve your table in this small “open kitchen” place. Especially during weekends, its packed with the hip and beautiful. Its located in the trendy Patriarchy Ponds area. Great Food. Great Wine. Good prices. Interesting people just sitting next to you at one of the long tables or at the bar. Easy to meet locals.

“Friends Forever”
You may not want to visit a Brooklyn Williamsburg styled cafe, when abroad, but if, this is your place. Good food. Delicious Pizza (Italian style, not US) and great people.

Crave a steak or some French?

“Chez Papa & Chez Maman”
The best steak in town in my opinion, you’ll get at “Chez Papa”, a French / Mediterranen bistro. Sounds strange, I know. But the owner and chef (a North African French man) has its own secret meat source and treatment. This steak will melt on your tongue, like butter. The portion is a bit small, but the price fairly low as well. If you are into French and you’re looking for something authentic, then visit Chez Maman, the sister restaurant, just next door.

“Chicago Prime”
But the real steak you’ll get at Chicago Prime, in all of its variations. There, no matter during which day, you’ll also find a lot of the Moscow Expats, hanging out at the bar. Some of them, living here since 20 and more years and lots of stories to tell.

Last, but not least…

“White Rabbit” (one of the top 100 restaurants in the world)

For a propper Moscow pre-party on a weekend day and some people watch with good food and a nice view, visit “White Rabbit”. Make sure to reserve your table upfront (in time). The prices are ok and the food is very good. Eclectic kitchen.

White Rabbit
White Rabbit

There are so many more and I could continue, but this should be enough for a few days in Moscow.

 To get the addresses and more info about these restaurants, just google their “name+moscow”.

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