Most of you probably know the Troika card already, since its out for over a year now. But, during the last days I met a few people, who live in Moscow and didn’t know about its advantages. This is particularly interesting for tourists and people who visit Moscow and of course locals, who take the metro only now and then, like me.

The Troika card works on metro / subways, trams, buses and electro trolley buses. You can also use it to pay for other city services, such as parking or the cities rental bikes (only available during the summer months).

You can get the card at any metro station or public transportation office. Just go to the window and ask for the “Troika”. You’ll not need much Russian 😉 The card itself costs 50 Rub, but its a deposit and you’ll get that back, if you return the card one day. After that you can top-up the card with cash up to 3000 Rub. So if you want 500 Rub on the card at your first purchase just give the lady 550 Rub (incl the deposit). Later you just hand her the card and the money you want on it.

What’s the advantage of the card? This is the IMPORTANT part:
– lower fee on all rides, e.g. a metro ride is currently charged 40 Rub on the Troika, instead of 50 Rub on the regular tickets.
– free or cheap transfers between metro, tram and bus. The system calculates the best option for you and books it. If you have paper tickets, you pay twice.
– if you lose your card, you can ask for a new one and a refund (good luck with that ;-))
– As said before, you can use the card to pay for a variety of other services

What else? The turnpike shows you the cards balance and how much your ride is, each time you enter. Unfortunately my Yandex Metro App is not able to read the cards data via NFC, like it can with the metro paper tickets.

More info:
NOTE: They haven’t updated the prices to 2015 on their ENG site yet. The prices are not correct. Here are the correct ones (in Russian):


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