Here is an interesting review of the RUNETS activity to the subject “Egypt Vacation”. After the riots and violence there, most countries have their citizens to stay out of Egypt, but other than in European countries, most Russians won’t get a refund, if they cancel their vacation booking. So more than 50 000 Russians end up going to Egypt for a vacation these days. Daily flights fom Domodedovo bring the sun hungry to their destinations in Hurghada, Sharm-El-Sheik and even Cairo.

Over the past several days Russian newspapers [ru] have [ru] reported [ru], with growing worry, about the 50,000 Russian tourists who run the danger of being stranded in Egypt, if violence there does not abate. Egypt, along with Turkey, is a popular budget travel destination for Russians, who especially favor the all-inclusive resort towns of Harghuda and Sharm-el-Sheikh on the Red Sea. In fact, it is so popular that even the growing instability, riots, and several hundred fatalities have not deterred many Russians from taking their long awaited vacations.

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