The New Yorker finally discovered the Moscow Metro dogs story, after ABC, BBC and so many other media outlets reported about our smart strays. What they don’t mention is, that these dogs are hunted by the athorities and private people. There are reports about dog-haters putting out poison in parks, which is mainly targeted at the strays, but these people also don’t care about killing our house dogs. Besides there are people, who kill dogs for fun. I have personally seen a bunch of guys standing around the poor neighbourhood stray, which was hanging out with his pack close to our house. On top of the stray was a pitbull trying to bite through the throat of the stray, while the men were folding the stray on its legs. This is everyday Moscow street life.

Well, I guess this will be one of the last things to change here. There are more important ones and the city has changed a great deal since I got here. Personally I don’t mind the strays, as long as they are friendly, but I had various encounters with pretty aggressive packs in the past. With and without my own dog.

Read more about the Metro riding smart asses in The New Yorker…

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