Kristen Blyth, of Moscow News is trying to shed some light on the cultural differences between foreign women and Russian men. I don’t know, but this article doesn’t go anywhere. Or maybe its just because I don’t understand women in general? I could write about it, but while I am an (real life experience) expert on the cultural differences between Russian women and foreign men, I can’t say much about the relationship between foreign women and Russian men.
I can only tell you so much. Most of my female Expat friends, who live(d) and work here are frustrated with the dating situation in Moscow. Not sure that is about Russian men, or the endless mass of beautiful young girls in this town 😉

Road to relationships rough for expat women in Moscow
by Kristen Blyth at 08/07/2013 12:40

On a blazing summer afternoon in Moscow, Stefania, an Italian professional in her early 30s, manages to look picture-perfect. In a belted tangerine dress, with an impeccable manicure and glossy hair, she fits right in to a local culture that celebrates ultra-feminine style. “You have to dress bright, like a traffic light – high heels, short skirts, hair, nails – to attract men’s attention,” she explained. “Dating in Moscow is a war, and your looks are your only weapons.”

Yet even as she turns heads in the street, Stefania admits that her love life is a struggle.

“Dating Russian men never works out,” she sighed, shaking her head. “I think I will be single until I leave Russia.”

Stefania is just one of many beautiful and successful foreign women who’ve resigned themselves to spinsterhood for as long as they live in Moscow. There were 1,781 foreign men who married Russian women in the capital last year, compared to only 228 foreign women who married Russian men, according to statistics from the Moscow ZAGS (marriage registration offices). That’s a ratio of nearly 8 to 1.

If expat men are successful in finding Russian spouses, why do expat women have problems?

It’s not that marriage-age Russian men aren’t around. Though 10.7 million more women than men were counted in the 2010 census, this staggering gender gap exists mainly with the over-50 demographic.

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