Moscow News Krysten Blyth rants about the high meal prices in Moscow’s restaurants and tries to get to the bottom of it. She interviewed a marketing executive of Rosinter and pulled a few comparisions, including the all famous Big Max index (the econmists of you may have heard of that one already).
She names the main decision factors for restaurants to define prices of which one is most interesting: “Consumers are willing to pay for it!”. And why are the postions so small? Because the consumer wants it that way. One can’t argue with that, can’t we? I wonder why so many people are eating at Propaganda or Krizis Zhanra, where the prices are normal and the portions are fair…

Well, read yourself! Moscow News …

The all famous big mac is quiet cheap in Russia, compared to the US or Switzerland. Its funny, that exactly McDonalds, gives us the price value, we deserve. Guess I feel less guilty next time I feel the urge for some fastfood.

Big Mac

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