Interfax reports that Snow accumulation in Moscow has reached 216 centimeters, Vice-Mayor for Housing, Public Utilities and City Development Pyotr Biryukov told reporters on Tuesday.
One-sixth of winter snow fell in Moscow in past 48 hours. “This is the snowiest winter in 100 years,” Biryukov said.
“Snow accumulation is 1.5 times larger than the climatic norm,” he added. Average snow accumulation in Moscow is 152 centimeters, he said. Some 26 centimeters of snow fell in Moscow on Monday and 36 centimeters this February, Biryukov said.

The record snowfall also caused record traffic jams.

Huge snow drifts are being removed from the streets of Moscow and Moscow Region following a heavy snowfall on Monday. On Monday night, the overall length of traffic jams in Moscow made up 3,500 kilometres, which is a distance between Moscow and Madrid.

The amount of Monday’s snowfall in Moscow reached 10% of the average annual figure. The wires got covered with thick layer of ice. Road slush had frozen by night, causing a second wave of 10 point traffic jams in the streets.

Over 3,400 minor road accidents had been registered in Moscow streets by Monday night, according to the city traffic police.

15,000 snow-removing machinery units have been working round the clock.

And here is a report of Russia Today with some nice photos…

And that’s not it. There will be more snow next weekend!

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