Ever since I came to Moscow, I have been amazed by these stray dogs. Its astonishing, how clever they are. But, one should be careful. If you piss off a pack, they can go after you and that can end up badly. I does frequently in Moscow and people get badly hurt or even killed. I assume most of it is caused by misunderstandings between the dogs and humans, but still it is a threat. I had various encounters like this in the past years. One of my friends even got biten in the foot (for no apparent reason) and needed to get rabies shots after that. Ever since I have my own dog, I am also more cautious with the strays. Not only that they are infested with wurms and other parasites, but they can also be agrresive with my dog and try to bite for dominance and territory reasons.
So far we were lucky and got away unharmed. There are also good encounters. We met a few strays, often singles, which were very nice and played with us. Sometimes we ran into packs and it wasn’t that pleasent. I, as the alpha in my pack, had to take on the pack leader of the strays and you never know, where it ends. Its quiet funny for bystanders (while I am full of adrenaline), when I pull out my military drill sergeant voice and I start to cuss on the pack leader in German. Some Russians, probably think I am a Nazi, but I have no time to think and be politically correct in these moments. Usually it works and the alpha backs off, so we can slowly leave the scene.

Here is a nice ABC video about Moscow strays and how they master to ride and navigate Europes largest subway.

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