Global Voices (a Havard project) compiled a very good article about Alexey Kabanov, who murdered and dismanteled his wife in Moscow recently. They translated comments from blogs and Facebook footage of Russian Internetusers.

Source: Global Voices

Alexey Kabanov is a local cook / chef who was very involved in the recent Russian protests. During the past months he met and connected a lot of other protestors via Facebook. Then one day last week, he claimed that his wife ran away from home after an argument and she didn’t return. Furthmore she went missing and he filed a missing person report at the police. After that he asked publicly for help on facebook, asking his contacts to find his missing wife. Police later found out that he had killed his wife. They had an argument and his domestic violence ended in death.

Read more about it and about the reactions of his 1000 and more facebook friends on Global Voices. Its REALLY interesting.

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