Moscow awoke to the horrifying news on Friday that a masked man had thrown acid on Sergei Filin, the artistic director of one of the city’s jewels, the Bolshoi Ballet.

The New York Times wrote a good article about the recent acid attack on the ballet director of the Bolshoi. Nevertheless its missing out a lot of background and not reflecting on the dancers situation itself. The “great” Ballet is a place where the dancers are constantly abused and bribery rules, who is getting the best (paid) roles. Dancers are pimped out to sponsors and rich people. If they don’t agree, they will just be replaced with younger ones from the theaters ballet school. The directors are taking bribery money from rich parents of dancers to make sure, they will stay in the ballet company, despite of overweight or missing talent. There is so much more to it. Its just a really filthy place.

I am not surprised about this recent attack. Someone probably just got really pissed off and had enough.

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